Triple Effect Evaporators:

Triple Effect Evaporators

Triple Effect Evaporators are manufactured as complete system including feed tanks, feeding pumps, heat exchangers, condensed withdrawal pumps & Barometric legs with steam ejectors.

The systems are designed in any material of construction & capacity to suite the requirement.

A different kind of evaporator can be used for heating and possibly boiling a product containing a liquid to cause the liquid to evaporate from the product.

An evaporator/evaporative-process can be used for separating liquid chemicals as well as to salvage solvents.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the evaporation process is used to eliminate excess moisture, providing an easily handled product and improving product stability. Preservation of long-term activity or stabilization of enzymes in laboratories are greatly assisted by the evaporation process.

The solution containing the desired product is fed into the evaporator and passes across a heat source. The applied heat converts the water in the solution into vapor. The vapor is removed from the rest of the solution and is condensed while the now-concentrated solution is either fed into a second evaporator or is removed. The evaporator, as a machine, generally consists of four sections. The heating section contains the heating medium, which can vary. Steam is fed into this section. The most common medium consists of parallel tubes but others have plates or coils typically made from copper or aluminium. The concentrating and separating section removes the vapor being produced from the solution. The condenser condenses the separated vapor, then the vacuum or pump provides pressure to increase circulation

Detailed specification of the equipment shall be provided on request.


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