R.O.Seawater Desalination Systems:

swro desalination plant

The units remove salts from seawater with salinity up to 45,000 ppm TDS water as found globally and produce water less than 500 ppm TDS for drinking water. Our high purity line of products can also purify seawater down to less than 10 ppm TDS water for boiler feed and other high purity applications.

Typical System Features:

Multimedia Filter :

  • Multimedia filter is Fiberglass tank prefilter with manual backwash valve to remove particles to 25 micron (option - automatic backwash valve)
  • Prefiltration :

  • 20 & 5 micron cartridge prefilter to remove particulate matter (1 micron available)
  • Filter housing design for easy filter changes.
  • Booster Pump :

  • Stainless steel booster pump of centrifugal design.
  • Ensures positive water pressure to unit.
  • Close coupled to TEFC (Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled) motor to withstand saltwater environment.
  • High Pressure Pump :

  • High pressure pump driven by TEFC motor.
  • Pulsation dampener to extend life, reduce noise & vibration.
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane - Pressure Vessel Assembly:

  • Spiral wound, polyamide, thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane representing state of the art technology.
  • High water purity with membrane rejection of 99.6%
  • Membrane is designed for long life with easy cleaning.
  • Membrane is enclosed in fiberglass pressure vessel with ratings to 1000 psi.
  • Easy to change and plug assembly with long life and durability.
  • Premium quality high pressure fittings.
  • High pressure components rated at 2 times maximum operating pressure for safety.
  • Membrane isolation manifold for sampling each membrane product water individually (optional).
  • Instrumentation & Protective Features:

  • PLC base panel to controlled all instrumentation & operation.
  • Digital salinity controller with readout for temperature and salinity.
  • Easy to read gauges including product flowmeter and low and high pressure gauges.
  • Start/Stop switch with built in motor overload protectors.
  • Totalizing hour meter.
  • High pressure regulating valve.
  • Premium quality high pressure fittings.
  • Electronic salinity controller to automatically direct product water to waste when potable by means of a 3-way actuated valve.
  • High quality water indicator lights.
  • All water tight electrical connections.
  • Splash resistant electrical enclosures (Nema 4 or 12).
  • Brine check valve ensures only first quality water to storage tank.
  • Glycerin filled 316 SS high and low pressure gauge for long life.
  • Frame :

  • Epoxy coated frame for lifetime of service and corrosion resistance.
  • Open frame design for easy maintenance.
  • Unitized in integrated components for easy maintenance.
  • Secure mounting tabs/holes for stability.
  • Connections:

  • Food grade tubing for contact with potable water.
  • Stainless fasteners resist corrosion.
  • Membrane Care:

  • Automatic Backflush Systems to supply fresh water to membranes upon shutdown.
  • Membrane cleaning system valving and controls to facilitate chemical cleaning of membranes.
  • Automation:

  • Automated control system based on a in built programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Automated start up operation activated by selector switch Auto/manual switch.
  • Self diagnostic built-in-test equipment with automatic fail safe for various conditions status display on front display panel.
  • Emergency stop

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