PETN Manufacturing Plant:

We provide entire PETN manufacturing facility from raw material storages to PETN drying

Automation of PETN Nitration:

petn_plant We at Hindustan Equipment Craft have developed an indigenous automatic system for PE Nitration for the production of PETN.This a proven system is working with safety since 2010 ,Nitration is carried out within extremely safe temperature range with full automation controlled with embedded logic/PLC system.
  • C.N.A. Storage Tank
  • Spent Acid Storage Tank
  • Measuring Vessel
  • Nitrator
  • Granulator
  • Dissolver
  • Acetone Condenser
  • PETN Dryer
  • Acid & Alkali Labyrinth
  • Acetone Holding Tank
  • Nutch Filter
  • Fume off Tank Scrubber
  • Drowning Tank
  • Vacuum traps
  • Acid Alkali Filters Acid Filtration Acid Storage Tank Nitrator
    PETN Dryer Granulator Fume off Tank Scrubber PLC PeFeeder
    Pe Feeder Ejector Ejector Storage Tank


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