Packaged Emulsion Plants:


Our cartridge Emulsion plants are fully automatic.

We have PLC controlled system with SCADA which monitors the entire process till product enters the emulsion packing machine
The system is provided with a monitor & animated process flow diagrams with real time values like flow rates, pressure, temperature etc indicated on all the equipments involved & only one person can manage the entire process. Major manpower is required in preparation area & packing area & one person in emulsion manufacture to monitor the consistency of the system.
The system employees Mass Flow meters to proportionate the basic emulsion components at feed point of emulsifier. Down the process line, solid additives are continuously compensated to maintain the ratio of emulsion & the additives.
Solid additive are fed from load cell mounted bins provided with frequency drives to continuously maintain the proportion of additives with the emulsion
Our cartridge cooling system is highly efficient to handle output from cartridging machine ranging from 1000 kg/hr to 6000 kg/hr.

Detailed specification of the equipment shall be provided on request.


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