Mobile Instant Water Purification System:

Mobile Drinking Water Treatment Systems for Emergency, Disaster Rescue Operations & Natural calamities

Mobile Instant Water Purification System

Truck Mounted Mobile Water Purification System 1000 ltr/hr to 10000 ltr/hr capacity for disaster management operations like Flood, Earth Quakes & Tsunami etc. for providing Drinking Water.
Facilities used to treat drinking water are particularly vulnerable to problems that can disrupt the water supply. In the event of a natural disaster such as a flood, fire, earthquake, or drought, sources of water may be disrupted. Population displacement can also cause disruptions to existing water supplies. When a water supply becomes temporarily unavailable, mobile water treatment and purification is necessary to provide a steady supply of safe drinking water.
Mobile water treatment technologies are able to produce safe drinking water from practically any source, including surface water, brackish water, and even seawater. The water produced by mobile treatment technologies meets World Heath organization drinking water quality guidelines. Mobile water treatment technologies are essential for providing a continual supply of potable water when disaster, whether natural or man made, strikes.

We use advanced and unique High Turbidity Water Purification Technology and RO Membrane Technology in this kind of equipment. It can remove mud, sand, bacteria and virus, odors and colors, heavy metals (such as: Lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and so on), organic materials (such as detergent and pesticide) from water. After treatment, the treated water will be very clean and can be used by all the people in disaster area.

Mobile Instant Water Purification System uses state-of-the-art technology to process quality drinking water from any water source. These units are available as made-to-order units, with a choice of Petrol, diesel or electric pumps.

Detailed specification of the equipment shall be provided on request.


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