Fully Automatic Continuous Fryers:

QFRYTM 500 is a continuous fully automatic fryer most optimally designed for frying of various dals used in food industry. The system is operated electrically and heating of edible oil is done with the help of a Thermic fluid heater.

The dal to be fried is first charged in a trapezoidal construction service hopper manually on with suitable feeding arrangement (Customer scope). The service hopper is fitted with electro magnetic vibrators which ensure non stick smooth flow of dal for further processing. The service hopper incorporates level controls for monitoring of dal flow.
The dal from service hopper is carried to inlet of single pass conveyorized belt by a screw conveyor. The screw conveyor has entry gate from service hopper. The specially constructed screw conveyor incorporates mechanism for low friction displacement of dal from entry of screw conveyor to exit point of screw conveyor. This screw conveyor is driven by an AC motor. The feed rates of dal are controlled by controlling the motor with the help of sensor less vector AC motor control.
The dal from screw conveyor is suitably gathered by a single pass conveyorised belt. This belt then passes through a stationary frying station. The speed and feed rate of conveyor is controlled by sensor less Vector control AC motor drive. The conveyor direction and shape is adjusted with special sprocket arrangement to ensure proper contact and required free board of dal with the edible oil in the oil through. The pre heated edible oil at a temperature of about 180 degree C is introduced in the oil trough by a multi point distribution system. The temperature of edible can be adjusted suitably for different frying application with the help of temperature indicator cum controllers.
The edible oil is continuously re circulated through edible oil trough by a centrifugal pump. The frying process results in lowering of edible oil temperature and also reduction of total edible oil quantity in the oil trough. (Dal carries away oil in frying process.)
The lowering of edible oil temperature is continuously made by imparting additional heat to edible oil. This heat exchange is done in a special shell and tube type heat exchanger. The heating media for edible oil is Thermic fluid on the shell side of the heat exchanger. The hot thermic fluid is generated by a Thermopac which forms an integral part of total system. Necessary temperature and flow controls are installed in both the edible oil and thermic fluid circuit to ensure trouble free, safe and automatic operation.
The loss in edible oil quantity in frying process is made up by introducing additional edible oil from Edible oil make up tank. The loss of edible oil is continuous processes hence necessary flow controls are incorporated in the fresh edible oil make up circuit to ensure optimal make up. The edible oil make up tank is fitted with suitable level controls for process automation.
The belt conveyor after passing through frying zone in the return path is cleaned on a regular basis automatically to get rid of undischarged fried dal and fines accumulated on the belt. The edible oil in the oil trough in the return path to inlet of centrifugal pump tends to carry insoluble. These insoluble and suspended particulate matter is filtered in filtration unit prior to edible oil recirculation pump. The filtration unit incorporates twin cartridge system. This duplex filtration facilitates on line cleaning of filters without costly shut down.
The dal from the frying zone is carried by the conveyorised belt to a post frying cooling zone excess oil stripping system and then discharged into a dal collection hopper with chute. The dal can be taken out from the hopper for further processing manually or with suitable material handling system (Customer scope)
The water vapor, gases/smoke generated, evaporated oil are let out of the frying zone with the help of a suitable hood and blower arrangement .
The process reliability and coordination of various equipment and their operation rates, flows and other critical process parameters like temperatures, pressures and speeds can be controlled only with the help of suitable programmable logic controller (PLC). The entire system performance of QFRYTM 500 is controlled and monitored by a state of the art PLC from GE Fanuc. The PLC being a vital logic control element of entire process control also incorporates various alarms, safeties to make operation at elevated constant temperatures a perfectly safe human experience

QFRYTM 500 has many advantages over conventional manual system of frying and other conveyor frying systems namely :-

  • Reduction in human labor by almost 80%. Typically worker requirement for frying mung dal in manual system for a batch of 2.5 Tons is about 10. In comparison QFRYTM 500 requires only 2 workers at maximum.
  • Reduction in basic fuel requirement tremendously. The specially designed heat exchanger ensures high and effective heat transfer to edible oil from thermic fluid. This feature is very important consideration for selection of QFRYTM 500 plays a vital role in conservation of precious fuel oils and our environment. Reduction of operating cost attributable to fuel cost in today’s competitive business atmosphere gives tremendous advantage to QFRYTM 500 customers.
  • Extremely low edible oil spillage due to automatic handling of edible oil. No messy shop floors and reduction in edible oil consumption due to less wastage.
  • QFRYTM 500 makes frying a safe and hazard free experience. State of the art process control instruments and Programmable logic controls form integral part of QFRYTM 500 ensuring safety of operation and optimum frying of product.
  • QFRYTM 500 also requires less space in comparison to manual frying. In today’s context shere floor space being prohibitively expensive the ergonomic design of QFRYTM 500 reduces floor space requirement by almost 50%
  • Specially designed blower ensures smokeless operation of QFRY TM 500. No more smoky work place in frying area.
  • Sensor less vector control AC drive for motors incorporated in QFRY TM 500 reduces electrical power consumption by 20 to 25%. This feature cuts down cost of frying.
  • The rugged design of single pass conveyor belt ensure extremely high MTBF ( mean time between failure ). Thus cutting down on maintenance time and costs associated with conveyor operations in industry.
  • The single pass conveyor belt geometry and direction of path cuts down on wastage of dal by almost 95% compared to manual frying.
  • T he modular design of QFRY TM 500 with easy access to all parts ensures easy and quick maintenance

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