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Bulk Explosives Loading Trucks

Identifying the need of customers for ease and safety of handling explosives, we developed bulk loading truck for charging explosives at the point of usage.We are manufacturing Bulk Loading trucks for charging of Bulk Explosives on mining sites.All these units are mounted on trucks, having capacities ranging from 5 – 15 tons. The Units are fabricated on skid & the skids are mounted on truck chassis.

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Bulk Emulsion Skid Mounted Satellite Plant

We design & supply Bulk Emulsion/ Repumpable Emulsion plants.The satellite plants are of the capacity of 10-15 T per hour with a single Emulsifier,The plant is most compact & produces emulsion of 100,000 cps consistency. .

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ANFO Loading System

ANFO loading systems are generallybased on air or auger; auger type sys-tems have either a side boom or over-head boom. Each type of loading sys-tem has its advantages, but maximumflexibility is achieved through the airsystem, in which oil is added to theairlock feeder as it receives the prillsfrom an auger at the base of the vee-bottom truck.

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Heavy ANFO Blend Trucks

Hec Heavy ANFO Blend Trucks consists of an ammonium nitrate storage tank and a process fuel oil tank. The product is discharged using a side-mounted auger, with convenient electronic controls placed in the cabin of the unit. A single person can operate a heavy ANFO unit; specialised controllers provide ingredient percentages and individual ingredient rates, which allow batch and total amounts to be recorded, with a second operator monitoring the loading

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Packaged Emulsion Plant

Our cartridge Emulsion plants are fully automatic.We have PLC controlled system with SCADA which monitors the entire process till product enters the emulsion packing machine, The system is provided with a monitor & animated process flow diagrams with real time values like flow rates, pressure, temperature etc indicated on all the equipments involved & only one person can manage the entire process

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portable modular emulsion plant

Portable Modular Emulsion Plant

Our Containerised bulk plant are housed in 40 feet modified ISO containers & have a capacity of 5 t /hr. Processing time of batch is 45 min .This container can be installed at the mine head & connected to power & can start producing on powering the equipment.The container is equipped with fully automatic Boiler of appropriate capacity & OB preparation vessel of 5t batch capacity,The product is continuously produced & pump in Bulk Trucks ready for charging in to the mines.

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Process Equipments

undertakes turnkey projects to Design, Build & Commission of Process Equipments

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