Ozone Generator:

Ozone Generator

Hindustan Equipment craft manufacturers high efficiency, high concentration Ozone generators.

Direct air with molecular sieves / membrane separation & air dryers. Complete plants with Air Feed System, Ozone Generators, Ozone Feed System, Ozone Distructor & Ozone Monitors.

Capacities      : 1 gm/hr. to 7 kg/hr.
Feed Options : Air/Oxygen

Applications: Drinking water treatment, Effluent Treatment,Textile waste treatment & bleaching.

Ozone gas has a molecular formula O3.It occurs in atmosphere in stratosphere & on Sea.

Ozone is produced in atmosphere due to high voltage discharge during lightning because of ionization of Oxygen in the air.Ozone is unstable gas & decomposes into harmless Oxygen.

Ozone is preferred over Chlorine for disinfecting drinking water in water treatment systems for Municipal water schemes, Swimming pools due to its harmless decomposition to Oxygen.

Ozone is used for effluent treatment of Textile waste containing dyes.high concentration Ozone is used for paper pulp bleaching.

The Ozone generator system comprises of:

Ozone Generator:High frequency low voltage Ozone Generators from 2 gr/hr to 1 kg/hr capacities.

Feed Air System:Air feed systems with compressor ,air dryer, thermal conditioner.

Oxygen Concentrators:Oxygen concentration units with Oxygen concentration upto 95% using high tech membrane /molecular sieve technology with feed gas as air.

Ozone Delivery system:Ozone delivery system suitable for specific application.

Ozone Destruction system:System for destruction of Ozone below 0.5 ppm levels.


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